12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your finances

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We know how getting a Job can be stressful at times and time-consuming, especially when you don’t remember the Jobs that are in demand at a particular time and location.  The US labor market is constantly changing, and as a result, the jobs that are in order now may not be the ones needed in years to come. 

Also, some Jobs can be in demand more than others. This is why we have carefully mapped out the jobs in the market now and even in a couple of years to come. These Jobs are not just in demand, but they can also boost your finances like detriot lions 

So, in this article, we’ll look at 12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your Finances and why they are in demand. So, if you are looking at moving to the US or you are already in the US, below are the Jobs that are open and available to you: 

1•    Software Developer 

Software Developers, otherwise known as Programmers, create computer programs, and to become a Software Developer, many skills and learning processes are required of you as this is not a cheap Job/profession. 

Software Development is one of the In-Demand Jobs in The US, which also pays super well; this is a result of the increasing need for Technology and software in various Industries and companies across the globe. 

Their salary depends on years of experience, educational qualification, geographical area, etc. An average Software Developer earns $107,371 per year while their Entry level position is around $84,995 yearly. However, most experienced Software Developers earn up to $147,682 per annum or even more. 

2•    Data Scientist 

Data Scientist is undoubtedly one on the list of the 12 In-Demand Jobs in The Us that can boost your finances. Data Scientists are needed in Businesses, Companies, and industries. Their job specializes in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. 

As a result of an increase in data being collected by Companies and Businesses, hence an increase in demand for Data scientists who will analyze and interpret the data. 

As a Data Scientist, you can work in Finance, Healthcare, Technology, and other Industries. The average salary of a Data Scientist per year is $104,043. 

3•     Physician Assistant

A Physician Assistant is a medical professional who is licensed and whose job is to care for patients. He also holds an advanced degree. A physician Assistant is not a Doctor. However, he also diagnoses and treats common illnesses. 

Physician Assistants are In Demand in the US because of the increased need for healthcare services. If you are a Physician Assistant, you will get a high-paying Job in the US. 

4•     Information Security Analyst 

Information Security Analyst is another In-Demand Job in the US that can boost your Finances. Information Security Analysts’ job is the security of computer systems and networks. 

They also keep sensitive information and personal data well secured. They make sure the work procedures are working correctly. They are equally in high demand. 

5•    Registered Nurse 

One of the 12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your finances is being a Registered Nurse. Registered Nurses are well-trained/schooled Nurses who have a license to practice Nursing. They are those whose work ensures that adequate care and attention is given to their patients. 

If you are a Registered Nurse, moving to The US will allow you to care for people (patients) and make good money. The average annual salary of a Registered Nurse in The US is $77,460. However, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist earns up to $195,610 yearly. 

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6•     Financial Manager 

A professional who advises on finance and investment activities, provides financial reports, and interprets financial information to the managerial staff of a Company or Business is known as a Financial Manager. 

A Financial Manager can work in some places, such as Insurance Companies, Banks, and Investment Firms. 

Furthermore, the need for Financial Managers has increased over time because of the increase in the demand for keeping financial reports and interpreting financial information as well as giving financial advice. In the US, an average Financial Manager earns around $102,600 while the more experienced ones earn around 

7•     Statistician 

Statistician is one of the 12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your finances. An average Statistician in the US earns $102,410 per annum; however, some statisticians receive up to $178,490 per annum. 

Many companies and businesses need Statisticians to help gather and assess data from customers and clients, which has increased demand for them. A Statistician can work in different sectors, both private and public sectors.

8•     Occupational Therapist 

Occupational Therapists can work in mental health homes, Orthopedic homes, physical rehabilitation centers e.t.c. They are professionals who help people with cognitive problems to ensure they regain their confidence and ability. An Occupational Therapist earns an annual average salary of $80,000 yearly. 

9•    Construction Manager 

Being a construction manager is one of the 12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your finances. The Job of a Construction Manager is to manage and oversee a construction project, such as roads and bridges, and to ensure it is well-completed, finished timely, and within budget. 

There is an increase in demand for Construction Managers in the US. A Construction Manager earns an average of $103,375 yearly. However, the highest-paid Construction Managers received $140,000 per year. 

10•    Physical Therapist

The job of a physical Therapist is to help people who are injured to improve and restore functional movement like standing and walking, as well as manage pain. A Physical Therapist focuses on using exercises to achieve the desired result. 

Physical Therapists are in high demand because of the increase in the number of aged people and chronic health conditions like Arthritis, Diabetes who therefore need the help of Physical Therapists. 

Furthermore, the average salary of a Physical Therapist per annum is between $82,000 and $108,500 per annum. However, experienced ones receive $128,500 per year. 

11•     Web Developer

Web development is one of the In-demand Jobs in the US that can boost your finances. Web Developers create and maintain websites. Because of the increasing growth of information technology, Web developers are in high demand. 

They help create and maintain websites for companies and businesses. The average annual salary of a Web Developer is $82,264.

12   Dental Hygienist 

A Dental Hygienist is responsible for professional teeth cleaning. He is not the same as a Dentist. While a Dental Hygienist specializes in cleaning teeth, a Dentist treats and restores terrible teeth and gum. 

This is one of the Jobs in demand in the US. The average salary of a Dental hygienist per year is $90,782, while more experienced ones make $109,535 per year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Legal Age to Work in the US?  

In the United States, the legal age to work varies depending on the type of work and the age of the individual. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the minimum age for most jobs at 14 years old and for more 18 for Hazardous Jobs.

How Do These In-demand Jobs Contribute to Improving One’s Financial Situation?

These jobs often offer competitive salaries, benefits, and growth opportunities. With the high demand for skilled professionals in these fields, you have the potential to earn a substantial income, which can positively impact your financial situation.


In summary, all the above-discussed jobs are In-demand in the US and can boost your finances. You can land an excellent job with this knowledge, skills, and experience. 

You can start at the entry-level while you continue to work to gather knowledge and experience to earn more. 

So, if you’ve been searching for jobs in the US with no success story yet, why not consider changing the type of jobs you’re searching for? The 12 in-demand jobs in the US that can boost your finances can help you know the needed qualifications and skills. So, pay attention to it. Good luck!



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