Jobs in the US with Visa sponsorship for Africans

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Do you know you can secure a job in the US with fully paid visa expenses? As an African, this is 100% possible if you know how it works. Most people consider it better to get a job in the US with a Visa sponsorship package but have little or no knowledge of how to do it.

This post has all you need to know about jobs in the US with Visa Sponsorship for Africans. If you can secure a job before traveling to the US, your problem is half solved since you won’t job hunt again when you settle down. 

Also, the company that offers you the job with a Visa sponsorship package can influence the application process to be faster than it would be if you do it on your own.

In the U.S., some companies are ready to offer a job with a Visa sponsorship package to African employees who have proven good at what they do.

Remember that most times, this visa sponsorship package is only given to African applicants who have a track record of success in their previous work.  

Each company has criteria the applicant must meet before qualifying for the job with a Visa sponsorship package.

Here are jobs in the US with a Visa sponsorship package for Africans.

1.  CHA FOR TEA. – Administrative Assistant.

CHA FOR TEA is a fast-growing restaurant chain. They have been in the business of delivering quality service to their customers for over 22 years.

They are looking to employ members, either Africans or Americans, who would join their headquarters to support their mission and vision of delivering quality tea to their guests and customers. The prospective employee will be working together with the young management team. 

Type of job 

  • Full-Time Job

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Inventory & supply chain management
  • Ordering, packaging, and warehouse management.
  • Project communication
  • Communication with vendors

Education & Experience requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any management course.
  • 1 to 2-year work experience.

Knowledge,  Abilities, and Skills Required

  1. Good with the English language
  2. Must be able to use both Microsoft Word and Excel.
  3.  multitasking ability
  4. Team player with a strong work ethic
  5. Can work independently with strong attention to detail.

Job Benefits 

  • Product discount to employee
  • Health insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid off
  • The referral program is available only for employees.
  • Vision insurance

Work schedule

  • 8 hours shift daily. 

Pay per hour 

$17 to  $19 per hour, depending on your qualifications and experience.

Note:  This company offers an H1B visa sponsorship package; they have successfully sponsored many H1B and green card cases for applicants from Africa and other continents.

App through this Application link 

2.   IT service company job 

Pegasys is one of the leading global professional IT Services companies that provide CRM services to their clients.   Their service includes:- e-commerce solutions, Internet Marketing, SEO/SEM, Staff Augmentation solutions, and customized software development.  The company was established in 2002 to help businesses meet their Strategic objectives.

Job Description 

Pegasys is looking for professional software Developers who can work with the following technologies.

  • ETL Informatica Developer;
  • Salesforce Developer;
  • SAP HCM;
  • SAP HANA & etc
  • Java Developer;
  • Net Developer;
  • Ruby on Rails Developer;
  • SharePoint Developer;
  • Android Developer;
  • iOS Developer; and 
  •  UI/ UX Designer/Developer.


Here are the benefits that the prospective employee will enjoy:

  • Competitive salary
  • Chance for personal growth
  • Compulsory yearly leave
  • Bonus payment available.

Educational Qualification 

  • Any Degree 

Note: Pegasys provides jobs with Visa sponsorship packages for  H1B ( for Africans), TN (For Canada & Mexico Citizens), and E3 (for Australian Citizens) and also processes Green Cards for those that are eligible.

Application link: Apply here

3. Conexus MedStaff Registered Nurse – F1/OPT Visa Sponsorship

Conexus MedStaff is a good choice for new International nursing students to start their careers. Both International and local Students who graduated from U.S colleges are welcomed.

Conexus MedStaff offers full sponsorship for international nursing graduates who want to work in the U.S. And provides them with good opportunities to work in some of the best hospitals in America. We can say that Conexus MedStaff is among the top employers of international nursing graduates in the U.S.

Educational Qualifications 

  • Applicants should be enrolled in or are new graduates of a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) or Associate in Nursing program in the U.S.


  • While working in the U.S., Conexus MedStaff will take care of your EB3 visa free of charge during your OPT.
  • Conexus MedStaff offers full immigration sponsorship and green card processing.
  • Very attractive and Competitive pay package.
  • Vision, Dental, and medical insurance
  • 30-day free accommodation upon arrival
  • Working together with other International nurses. 
  • Paid time off (PTO) 
  • Life insurance
  • Relocation reimbursement
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance.
  • 24/7 full-time support from the Connexus MedStaff team.
  • Become a Member of  MedStaff International Nurse.

If you are interested in working with the Conexus MedStaff team, you are free to apply through this link. … Apply here 

4. Restaurant Leader Training Program – North Carolina.

This training is a high potential trainee for those in restaurant management. This training will help participants learn how to carry out the restaurant area leader’s responsibility for the operations of about 7-15 stores directly.

This job also offers employment-based visa sponsorship, which also includes H-1B sponsorship for Africans that want to migrate to the U.S. However, the visa sponsorship package is exclusively for those that meet the requirements.   The rule for the visa sponsorship package includes:

  • Employing professional managerial applicants
  • Developing and training associates
  • Making sure that guest experience and Brand building are delivered excellently.
  • Strategic planning and execution of all aspects of operations.

Educational Qualification 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Hospitality Management,t or Degree in a related field.
  • One to Two-year experience is mandatory.

Skill Requirements

  • Employees must be able to move to a store within a 50-mile radius and also be able to work on a flexible schedule which may include weekends.
  • Employees must be able to work in a fast-paced workspace or environment.
  • Must possess effective verbal communication.
  • Most can adapt to a dynamic environment with changing priorities.

Work schedule 

Successful applicants are expected to work 40 hours per week plus O.T.


  • Competitive pay
  • Good working environment
  • Several insurance to cover your health, vision, and dental needs.
  • Room for personal growth.
  • Opportunity to work with industry experts and professionals.

You can send in your application through the link – Apply here

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Africans eligible for Visa sponsorship jobs in the U.S.? 

Yes, Africans and people from other continents are eligible for Visa sponsorship jobs in the U.S. However, it is not automatic; you would need to meet the requirements set by the employer.

How do I get a visa sponsorship job in the U.S.?

To get a visa sponsorship job in America, as an African, you would need to research and find out if any company in the U.S. is hiring with such incitement. If you find any company hiring, then go ahead and apply; wait until they contact you.

What is a visa sponsorship Job?

Those are jobs in which the owner is willing to pay for every cost associated with the visa processing of the employee. This type of job is rare most times, but they do exist.

Conclusion On Jobs In the US With Visa Sponsorship For Africans

Africans are eligible for visa sponsorship jobs, and this is because Africans are among the top talents in the world, and many companies would always want to employ them. Every company or organization has its criteria that the applicant has to meet before they are granted a visa sponsorship job. 

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