Lesser-Known Scholarships In Canada For Africans

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Climbing the educational ladder is a step in the right direction for anyone improving themselves. Getting the education you need is excellent. However, the financial burden that comes with it might make it seem like a difficult road to walk. 

That is why some Canadian Universities have taken it upon themselves to create scholarship platforms to enable enterprising African students to study.

There are many scholarships designed for students who need financial support to study. So, African students looking for educational funding in Canada can take advantage of these ten lesser-known scholarships in Canada. Get ready to make your dream of studying in Canada a reality.

#1• Western’s Admission Scholarship Program

School Offering Scholarship: University of Western, Ontario. 

The Western University Scholarship is one that high school leavers will benefit from. Students can get different admission scholarships like the Western Scholarship of Excellence, where they can get 250 funded scholarships at $8000 each.

The $8000 is in two parts: $6000 for the first year and $2000 if you opt to study abroad. The Scholarship program has been active from 2020-2021 forward.

There is also a provision of a $2000 Travel Grant for international students and students from Out of Province. Western does not require you to apply. 

So long as you have admission to study an undergraduate course in the University’s main campus straight from your secondary school.

#2• Medicine and Dentistry Schulich Scholarships

School Offering Scholarship: University of Waterloo 

Another University where Africans can get fully funded scholarships is the University of Waterloo. Students who wish to enroll in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program or Doctor of Dental Surgery can apply for a Schulich scholarship. 

Scholarship requirements are based on your academic achievement and financial need. After getting the scholarship, you can continue to get a fully funded scholarship for up to four years as long as the student continues to make signal progress academically and continues to apply for financial assistance every year. 

#3• Alvin and Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship

School Offering Scholarship: Thompson Rivers University

The scholarship offered by Thompson Rivers University is funded by volunteers, generous individuals, charity funds, and businesses. Through the combined donations, funds are raised each year to support students. 

The scholarship covers Academic costs, housing, and cost of living. A student entering the school can get a scholarship worth $30,000. The scholarship is awarded based on excellent academic performance, community service, and conduct from your secondary school. 

#4•  Chancellor Thirsk Chancellor’s Scholarship 

Scholarships are offered yearly to first-year undergraduate students courtesy of Chancellor Thrisk Chancellor’s Scholarship. The students can also renew this scholarship every year up to the fourth year of their study at the University of Calgary. 

However, scholarship renewal will be granted if the applicant has at least a GPA of 3.60, over 30.00 units. The University expects that students must be actively involved in extracurricular activities. 

The student will submit their Co-Curricular Records showing their involvement in Campus and community activities and the leadership roles played to the Undergraduate Awards.

#5• Concordia University Entrance Scholarship

School Offering Scholarship: University of Concordia

Concordia University is offering scholarship opportunities to High school students to study. Luckily, this scholarship is renewable if the student can get up to 75% award

Know that the scholarship result varies with the student’s award average.  So, the higher the award percentage, the more scholarship value you have. 

Before renewing the scholarship, the award will be calculated using the average of the five academic subjects, including English.

#6•  McCall McBain Scholarships 

School Offering Scholarship: McGill University 

Students who want to study with a McCall McBain graduate scholarship or master’s program can do so at McGill University. The scholarship will allow students to gain mentorship and tutoring, plus the community needed to acquire the necessary information to excel.

The student scholarship includes tuition and fees for the program duration throughout the academic years. Students will receive a stipend of up to $2000 monthly throughout the academic year. 

#7• Citizens of the World Excellence Scholarship

School Offering Scholarship: Laval University 

Students are now welcome to apply for the newly created Citizens of the World Excellence scholarship. This program was put together to promote excellence in academics at Laval University. 

It gathers the best brains from all over the world with international student scholarships to sharpen their minds and make worldwide impacts. Students who have shown excellence in academics can submit applications to participate. 

You can opt for a master’s or Doctoral degree with funding worth up to $20,000. The scholarship program also admits students who wish to enroll in Ph.D. programs.

#8• Udem Exemption Scholarship 

School Offering Scholarship: University of Montreal

UdeM exemption is taking place at one of the best universities in the city, the University of Montreal. The scholarship aims at gathering top talents worldwide, Africans inclusive, to be a part of its fully funded program. 

The University of Montreal is one of the best schools where anyone interested in Francophone research can study. The bilingual community of the university is also a plus to be a part of the people promoting cultural diversity in the vicinity. 

Intelligent and enthusiastic students can benefit from the scholarship funding, which covers tuition fees. The student must provide transcripts that will be verified after submitting an admission application. 

#9• International Major Entrance 

School Offering Scholarship: The University of British Columbia

UBC always stands for extraordinary performances and recognizes exceptional students worldwide. The program devotes over $30 million each year to student scholarships, including support and grants to support international students who partake in the program. 

Students who have done exceptionally well can apply for and get the International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES) to study undergraduate courses at UBC. 

Also, Students who are in the IMES program from their first year in school can get yearly scholarship renewal, but it depends on the funds available.

#10• Douglas College International Studies

School Offering Scholarship: Douglas College

This is another scholarship in Canada that allows applications from international students, including African Students. You can get up to CAD 7000 in scholarships to cover schooling fees.

Students who want to work and study can register for the Co-operative Education Program, which incorporates a school and work system. Some of the semesters are dedicated to full-time work. Students can work in their field, make money, and gain experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can African Students Apply For a Canadian Scholarship?

The first step is to understand the school’s requirements and ensure you are eligible before applying on the website. 

What is the Deadline for submitting a Scholarship Application?

There is no general deadline, as this depends on the school. However, most deadlines are usually between October and March. It is advisable to check the school’s official website for the exact deadline.


Finally, Canada holds a lot of potential for students who want to attend school there. These scholarship opportunities are a ray of hope for those who can’t afford the financial cost of education. 

Many African scholars have found their way to pursue their passion, and this could be your opportunity too. So, if you are an African student with the enthusiasm and dream of pursuing academic excellence, Canada is ready to support your goals.

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