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Nigeria Immigration Service, also pronounced as NIS, are the parliamentary agencies that play an essential role in safeguarding the nation’s border and managing Immigration. As a parliamentary agency, Nigeria Immigration Service has a well-defined rank and salary structure. 

Understanding this immigration salary structure and ranks helps aspiring individuals seek insights into the inner workings of the organizations. The Immigration Salary Structure relies on the consolidated paramilitary salary structure (CONPASS). 

This framework does not only affect the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) personnel but also the police and customs officers.  But their salary structure differs from the Navy, Army, and Air Force. So, in this blog post, we’ll focus on the NIS salary structure and other benefits they enjoy aside from their paycheck.

Nigeria Immigration Service Salary Structure In 2023

The salary of the Nigerian Immigration Service is organized according to rank. The ranks within the NIS range from the inspector cadre, which includes levels 3 to 7, to the officer’s Cadre, starting from level 8 and higher. The salary structure listed below is the amount they receive monthly.

Inspector  Cadre ( level 3-7)

Inspector Assistance (IA) 374,259 – 374,259Performed assigned duties and provided support in immigration tasks
Assistant Inspector of Immigration  (AII)357,385 – 411,454Assist in the supervision and coordination of immigration activities
Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII) 483,014 – 567,065Supervise and coordinate Immigration operations.

 Officer’s  Cadre 

Assistant Superintendent of Immigration  (ASI II) 858,956 – 986,991Manage and coordinate activities in assigned units
Assistant Superintendent of Immigration  (ASI)939,310 – 1,056,4116Oversee operations and provide leadership within assigned area
Deputy Superintendent of Immigration  (DSI) 1,012,562 – 1,143,539Hold supervisory within an area
superintendent of Immigration  (SI)1,094027 – 1,252,038They direct NIS personnel
Chief Superintendent of Immigration  (CSI)1,158,172 – 1,325,234They manage and coordinate activities assigned to a department
Assistant Comptroller of Immigration  (DCI)1,619,447 – 1,825,589They help in creating policy and implementing it
Comptroller of Immigration  (CI)1,759,921 – 1,966,281They oversee all operation
Assistant Comptroller  General of Immigration  (ACGI)2,272,288 – 2,464,560They are the one that holds senior positions
Deputy Assistant Comptroller  General  of Immigration  (DCGI) Consolidated Their roles are not well defined
Assistant Comptroller  General of Immigration  ( CGI)ConsolidatedThey are highest ranked with a leadership role

Other Considerations and Benefits Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Enjoys

The NIS immigration salary structure is sometimes considered, and some packages are added. These benefits usually help to enhance their salary. Some of the benefits are:


NIS receives allowances like overtime, uniform, hazard, and many more. These allowances may be paid for specific duties to supplement their salary

Training Development 

NIS prioritizes the training and development of its workers. They usually organize programs that will keep them updated about immigration laws.

Pension and Retirement Benefits 

After retirement, NIS employees are entitled to pension according to the Nigerian pension system.

Health and Medical Benefits

NIS provides health insurance coverage to its staff. When one of the staff is sick, whether from occupational injury or not, they have access to free medical checkups and treatment.

Housing and Accommodation

In some cases, some of the staff may be provided with free accommodation. These benefits are usually for those serving remote areas or sent to specific duties.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining NIS

The specific requirements may be different depending on the position and rank being pursued by an aspirant. Below are some of the requirements individuals that want to apply must have. The applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria by birth
  • Must be between 18 and 30 years, although this may change depending on the position
  • Must have a minimum of four credits in two sittings in NECO/GCE/NABTEB/NECO.
  • Must meet some physical fitness criteria, like height, chest, agility, etc.
  • Must have a medical fitness certificate declaring an individual to be mentally fit.
  • I have not been involved in any criminal case.

Depending on your position, you may be asked for your driver’s license, computer literacy, and specific skills.

General Roles of the Nigeria Immigration Service 

Nigeria Immigration plays a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s border; apart from this, NIS has numerous other functions, which are:

  • Managing the migration within the country
  • They register and issue identity cards to citizens and non-citizens residing in the country
  • They collaborate with other international agencies like ECOWAS, Interpol, and many more to combat crimes
  • Helps in making  laws concerning immigration
  • The money from visa processing and other immigration processes helps generate revenue for the country.
  • In times of emergency, the NIS helps to maintain the nation’s security within the border

Frequently Asked Questions On Immigration Salary Structure

Does The NIS Salary Differ From The Navy, Air Force, and Army?

Yes, NIS uses a salary structure called consolidated Paramilitary salary structure (CONPASS). The difference is because of their roles and qualifications

What Are The Educational Requirements to Join NIS?

With SSCE, OND, or even a University degree, you can join NIS. But this will affect your rank. For instance, one with a university degree employed simultaneously will have a higher level than one with an SSCE.

Final Thoughts On Immigration Salary Structure

NIS has a significant role in maintaining national security like other paramilitary agencies. They also help to register citizens and non-citizens living in the country, make and enforce laws concerning immigration and uphold the rule of law.

Understanding the salary structure, ranks, and roles within NIS, helps individuals know what they are paid, which will still make part of their decision to join them.

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) serves as the foundation for determining the compensation for the roles they play in maintaining the security border and promoting peace. 

Apart from their salary, there are other benefits that NIS enjoys, like allowances, retirements, health, and medical benefits, and potential career progression. The benefits mentioned are to supplement their salary, and it is essential to note that some of these benefits are not paid every month.

Inspector  Cadre ( level 3-7)

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