Top 10 Scholarships For Immigrants In This August 2023

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Many students who are immigrants need financial assistance to pursue their academics. If you are looking for scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023, take advantage of the ones listed here. The number of immigrant students is increasing as people seek ways to achieve more academic feats. Students who have immigrated to a new country may need help to cover their fees. 

Even those with student visas with work permits have limited working hours, and combining school and work is hectic. There are different scholarships for immigrants this August 2023 that can help you through school when you apply. This article will provide you with the top 10 scholarships for this August you should know. 

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad in 2023

Scholarships are easy to get these days, and anyone else who wants to further their education can get one. To apply for any scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023, you must meet specific requirements. Remember that each scholarship is different, targeting national and international students. Before applying, check out the scholarship application process, criteria, and deadlines, and always stay updated on any new information. 

Here is a general requirement for most scholarships in this August 2023, and if you want to apply for one in August 2023, take note of:

  • Application letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Personal thesis or motivation letter
  • Document showing low income
  • Financial statement 
  • Acceptance letter from an academic institution 
  • Proof of academic excellence and accomplishments 

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Countries That Offer Scholarships For Immigrants In This August 2023

The easiest way to get scholarships is to check the official website of the universities that offer scholarships in the country of your choice. If you want to get one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023, these countries are the best place to start. The countries listed here are some of the best that offer migration scholarships for international students from 2023-2024.

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic 
  • France
  • China
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland
  • Korea

Top 10 Scholarships For Immigrants In This August 2023

If you are looking for scholarships to apply for in August 2023, you are in luck because you can find one here. Here are ten such scholarships you can apply for. Some have a fast-approaching deadline, while others are extended till next year. So, hurry and register to avoid missing your opportunity. 

  1. Alexander De Guia Memorial Scholarship

Alexander De Guia is one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 that aims at creating opportunities for academic growth and expansion. The scholarship was built in the loving memory of Alexander, an education enthusiast who immigrated from the Philippines to the US for a better future. 

Students from the Philippines who want to immigrate can apply for this scholarship. Immigrants from the Philippines who wish to apply for this program must be high school students or an undergraduate at a community college. Applicants should have a minimum 3.5 GPA plus proof of community service involvement. 

Application Deadline: January 31, 2024

Education Level: Undergraduate, High School 

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  1. Bulchand and Laxmi Motwani Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship seeks to express the unwavering commitment of Bulchand Motwani and his wife, Laxmi Motwani. The couple was one of the immigrants from India that successfully launched a pharmaceutical career in America by moving there. 

The scholarship scheme has extended its goodwill to students regardless of educational qualification. It is one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 that accepts students, whether high school, undergraduate, or graduate, in pharmacy or science. Applicants should preferably be immigrants, children of immigrants, or those from challenging backgrounds. 

Application Deadline: November 30, 2023

Education Level: High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate.

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  1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in the USA For International Students

People who want to sharpen their leadership skills and contribute better to society are welcome to apply to the Humphrey Fellowship Program. The scholarship covers various fields such as economic development, rural/agricultural development, public health policy, management, etc. 

Those successfully admitted into the program are assigned to different universities depending on their fields and interest. Applicants from Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and Pacific, South and Central Asia, the Western Hemisphere, the Middle East, and North Africa can apply. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 are one to look out for this year. 

Application Deadline: Before October 1, 2023

Education Level: First university degree

  1. Prospanica Foundation Scholarships

Every year, Prospanica Foundation Scholarships offers educational funding to students. If you are an undergraduate or graduate in a business program, this is one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 to take advantage of. Students can get up to $5000 to support their education. 

Prospanica is an organization that aims to support students of Hispanic/Latino origin. Anyone who holds membership with Prospanica can apply to get the needed help to pursue their academics 

Application Deadline: April 2024

Education Level: College Students

  1. Esperanza Fund Scholarship 

Esperanza scholarships are open to immigrants or the children of immigrants who reside in America. This is a funded scholarship for refugee and migration studies by Esperanza Fund. 

The scholarship scheme strives to ensure that students immigrating into the country have access to the education of their dreams by having external funding. You could take advantage of one of the surest scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 and be among the ten lucky students to be selected.

Application Deadline: April 2024

Education Level: Higher School Senior

  1. Conrad Carpio Education Scholarship

This scholarship scheme was established in honor of Conrad Carpio, who relocated to the US in 1970. He served in the United States as a Legal Permanent Resident and served for 44 years before he retired. To this day, Conrad still works at Ralph Hays Roofing as a roofer. 

Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC awards these scholarships for immigrants in August 2023 for people who uphold the American Dream. The scholarship covers immigrant students or those who relocated to the US before age 16 and have lived at least five years in the country. 

Application Deadline: April 2024

Education Level: High School seniors, undergraduates, and graduates

  1. Felicia Brewer Opportunity Scholarship

The Felicia Brewer Opportunity Scholarship creates a platform for immigrant students and first-generation students. This is one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 awarded to both present and past students of Chapel Hill- Carrboro City High School. 

Application Deadline: March 1, 2024

Education Level: Undergraduates

  1. Eras Tour Farewell Scholarship

Taylor Swift is a musical legend with an enormous music tour. The ‘Eras’ tour is the biggest, with up to 52 shows all over the US. If there are scholarships for immigrants in August 2023 that fans can apply for, this is one you shouldn’t miss if you are a lover of the Eras Journey. This is for all students who genuinely appreciate Taylor Swift’s music and have listened, sung, and danced to it. 

Application Deadline: September 3, 2023

Education Level: Any Level

  1. Doña Lupita Immigrant Study

This scholarship offers education assistance to single mothers who are immigrants or their children. The scholarship was inspired by Doña Lupita, an older adult who helped a single mother to go back to school and pursue a career. From there, it became a scholarship scheme aimed at helping immigrant single parents and children of single parents. So, if you fall into this category, this is one of the scholarships for immigrants in August 2023 that you should try out. 

Application Deadline: November 12, 2023

Education Level: Any

  1. Cyrilla Olapeju Sanni Scholarship Fund

The founder of this scholarship program, Cyrillla Sanni, is an African who didn’t get to go to school. However, he was productive and had a successful career. This is one of the 2023 scholarships for African students  that those of African descent who immigrated to the US can access. To be eligible, you must prove that your family is low-income and must have a 3.0 or more CGPA. 

Application Deadline: September 12, 2023

Education Level: Any

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Requirements To Get Scholarships? 

Requirements vary depending on the scholarship scheme involved. Scholarships involve an application process, which might include proof of community service, essays, language proficiency, and leadership skills.

Is There a Possibility Of Immigrants Getting Full Scholarships In The United States?

Yes. With one of the scholarships for immigrants this August 2023, students can get one of them to fund their education. All you need to do is to look for one of the fully funded scholarships in the US and apply. 


Are you ready to further your studies as an immigrant, and do you need scholarship funding? There is good news for you. With one of the scholarships for immigrants in this August 2023 available for grabs, you can achieve your educational dreams. In this article, we have listed the top ten to consider from top scholarship schemes that would benefit you. Ensure you apply for your preferred choice and take note of the application deadline so you can take advantage of the scholarship.

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