Türkiye Burslari Scholarships for International Students to study in Turkey

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Turkey Government Türkiye Burslari Scholarships has planned unique and specific grant programs for every education level.
It offers many qualified scholarships opening doors going from long-term bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and Ph.D.hD scholarships to research and merit-based scholarships, art scholarships to joint scholarship programs made with global respectable organizations.

Türkiye Scholarships considers all that international students will require during their academic studies while finding Turkey and gaining new abilities.

Scholarship Summary

Host Nation: Turkey

Study Abroad: Concentrate in Europe

Category: Undergraduate Scholarships | Postgraduate Scholarships | Ph.D. Scholarships

Qualified Nations: All Nations

Reward: Full Scholarship |Accommodationn | 1,800 TL each month Allowances | Airfare Ticket | Health care coverage

Deadline February 20, 2023

Scholarship Details:

Türkiye Scholarships incorporate both scholarship and university positions all the while. Candidates will be set in a college and program among their inclinations determined in the web-based application structure.

Candidates can apply to just a single scholarship program following their educational background and academic goals.

Scholarships Prerequisites:

To be qualified for the Turkiye scholarship, candidates must;

Be a resident of a country other than Turkey (Anybody holding or at any point held Turkish citizenship before can’t apply)

Not be an enlisted student in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying.

There is likewise an age condition candidates are expected to meet:• For candidates applying for Undergraduate Degree: The people who were conceived no sooner than 01.01.2001,
• For candidates applying for Masters’s degree: The people who were conceived no sooner than 01.01.1992,
• For candidates applying for Ph.D. Degree: The individuals who were conceived no sooner than 01.01.1987,

Candidates shouldn’t have any medical conditions boundary to instruction.

have something like 75 % combined grade point normal or recognition grade over their most extreme graduation grade or have somewhere around 75 % outcome in any acknowledged public or worldwide alumni affirmations test.

Ineligible Groups:

Turkish residents and people who have lost Turkish citizenship

People who are right now signed up for programs in Turkish colleges at the degree of schooling will apply.

Scholarship Duration and Prize

The Scholarship Covers:

Gives university and department arrangements dissimilar to other advanced education scholarship programs.

Covers tuition expenses.

Permits you to become familiar with the language of the nation study with h 1-year Turkish language course. In this manner, assets are enhanced in your scholastic examination and day-to-day existence turns out to be more pleasurable.

Gives convenience to understudies showing up in another country.

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Upholds you on your excursion to Turkey and when you return to your country toward the finish of your schooling period and covers your once-off flight ticket.

Permits you to make the most of far-reaching well-being administrations when important with health care coverage.

Additionally, give month-to-month allowance. 1000 TL at the undergrad level, 1,400 TL at the Expert lev, el, and 1,800 TL Ph.D. level each month

Required Archives

For applications made online through the Türkiye Grants Application Framework (TBBS), all up-and-comers should transfer the accompanying records to the framework:

A substantial character record, ID card, or visa

A photo of the competitors r required inside the most recent 1 year

Public test results (if any)

Confirmation or brief graduation declaration


Global test results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, and so forth) whenever expected by the picked college or program

Worldwide language test results like TOEFL, DELF whenever expected by the picked college or program

A proposition for an exploration subject and a composed illustration of the examination you have done (just the fourth.D.hD application)

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