Why Is It So Difficult For Nigerians To Get Scholarships Abroad? 

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Studying abroad is a fantastic move every student, especially in Nigeria, would love to make. There are many advantages to it, which include gaining global perspectives, it brings international exposure as well as a lifetime experience. 

The Education system in Nigeria hasn’t been fair to students who are studying in the country. The frequent strikes and breaks have been unfavorable and adversely affected the students. 

One could remember in 2022 when Nigerian Lecturers went on strike for eight months, causing the students to sit at home and not attend lectures, and there were no online lectures put in place to help students at the time. Do I need to remind you of its effects on the students? 

It disrupted academic activities leading to the inability of lectures and students to complete the syllables, and it equally led to poor performances of the students. 

Seeing all these, many Nigerian students would instead opt for schools abroad. Now this is where applying for a scholarship comes in because less than 30% of Nigerian families can afford tuition fees abroad for their wards.

However, getting a scholarship abroad as a Nigerian student is hard, which leaves so many Nigerian students with this question, why is it so difficult for Nigerians to get scholarships abroad? Hop in with us as we do justice to that question.

Why is it so difficult for Nigerians to get scholarships  Abroad? 

Lack of information about available scholarships and the application process 

A lack of adequate information about the available scholarships and their application processes may pose difficulty in getting scholarships abroad. 

Therefore if you are aspiring to study on a scholarship basis abroad, you must have adequate information about available scholarships, the criteria set by the scholarship providers, and how to navigate the application processes.

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Limited Scholarships and High competitions

High competition has always posed a barrier to several Nigerians getting scholarships abroad. There are limited scholarships available therefore cannot reach all the international students applying for them. 

For instance, a scholarship award that has just one winner may receive more than two hundred applications submitted. All these applicants that submitted their applications will not be considered at the end. 

Financial constraints and Economic situation of the Country

Asides from fully funded scholarship awards, which may cover the total cost of attendance, including tuition fees, books, room and board, travel costs, and other associated expenses, Finance can pose a threat to Nigerians who need scholarships to study abroad. 

Many Nigerians cannot afford the cost of studying abroad if the scholarship does not cover all the expenses. 

Visa restrictions

A country can control the flow of visitors in and out of their land to prevent illegal immigration by limiting visas. The visa restriction is an official rule that limits the entry of a visa holder to a country. 

Because some countries have strict visa policies and you cannot enter a foreign country without a visa, Visa restrictions will threaten students who wish to study abroad. 

Misconceptions and stereotypes

Although many stereotypes and misconceptions people have about Nigerians are inaccurate, this has affected them in relating internationally. 

Many foreign scholarship providers may have preconceived several notions about Nigerians that might not be true in most cases, which may affect the chances of Nigerian students getting scholarships abroad. 

Educational infrastructure 

The lack of an excellent educational system makes it difficult for Nigerians to get scholarships abroad. 

Many foreign scholarship providers will likely award their scholarships to institutions with more established educational systems and reputations. 

Language barrier

Some of the scholarship awards may require that their applicants must be proficient in the host country’s language. 

In cases like the one above, Language may also pose a barrier to not only Nigerians but even other countries from getting scholarships abroad. 

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Valuable tips on how to get fully funded scholarships as a Nigerian student. 

As hard as securing fully funded scholarships can be, it is still a possible mission. Undoubtedly the competition is intense, and that is why you must work hard and smart to be able to get it.

  • Observe the stipulated requirements: Every scholarship program has its prerequisites. Carefully observe the criteria specified by the scholarship providers and sponsors.
  • Have an excellent academic standing score: Your academic scores can either increase or decrease your chances of getting a scholarship. So if you wish to get a scholarship, you must score excellently. 
  • Participate in community volunteering activities: Many scholarship providers award them to people involved in community volunteering service. So, to secure a scholarship, you might need to participate in community service, as doing so will boost your chances of an impressive resume. 
  • Study how scholarships work: Read about how scholarships work. Please consult an expert and professionals to explain the financial aid process and how it works. 
  • Let your essay stand out: Your ability to write an impressive essay will increase your chances of securing a scholarship. Ensure you thoughtfully arrange your essay and review and proofread it well before submitting it. 
  • Apply for small scholarships: When applying for scholarships, go for the small ones because they are easy to get and less competitive. 
  • Try multiple scholarships application:  Seeing that thousands of students apply for a scholarship award that requires very few students to win, it becomes difficult for the selection committee to arrive at a winner.  By trying multiple scholarship applications you are eligible for, you increase your chances of getting a scholarship. 
  • Save money:  Most scholarships will require you to pay the application fee and other fees. So,  you must start saving early to meet all the expenses you must cover. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Why Is It So Difficult for Nigerians to Get Scholarships Abroad

Which countries offer fully funded scholarships to international students? 

Countries like the UK, US, and Germany offer fully funded scholarships to international students. The scholarships cover the total expenses associated with studying abroad. 

How can an international student qualify for fully funded scholarships? 

There are several ways an international student can qualify for fully funded scholarships. One of the common ways is through academic merits; other forms include demonstrating financial need and through community service and extracurricular activities.

What is the most accessible scholarship for international students? 

For international students, the Fulbright scholarship is the easiest. It is a US-based scholarship for international students. The Fulbright scholarship is available across over 150 countries, with over 4,000 students awarded scholarships yearly. 

Conclusion on Why Is It So Difficult for Nigerians to Get Scholarships Abroad?

Finally, the answer to the question of why is it so difficult for Nigerians to get scholarships abroad? Is answered in this post. Getting a scholarship as a Nigerian is complicated, but it is worth the stress and hype.  An opportunity like this could be a stepping stone for your success and extraordinary accomplishments.

Conclusively, if you are a Nigerian who wishes to embark on this journey, acquire adequate information about the available scholarships for international students, put in all the work required, and follow the right processes. 

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